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Yay Update and stuff :)

Jul. 31st, 2013 | 06:02 pm
location: living room
mood: tired tired
music: (watching the news)

I haven't posted in a bit other than ranting, so yay a legit journal update. I have been working every week, most all weekends on sewing many many plush for Youmacon. My goal is to finish everything before October so I don't have to sew while my mother is visiting from Africa. The con is on November 1st and it would be amazing to have a month off before hand to get back into the mood and not feel so tired and burnt out AT the con. The list of what I am bringing are as follows:

-50 derpy pokemon - 35 done
-50 anime plush keychains - 25 done
-50 Cute Onigiri Plush - 35 done
-25 cute asian food plush phone charms - 3 done
-10 ball animals - 3 done (hoping to finish all tonight)
-10 gil birds (hetalia) - none done
-10 derpy gyarados - all done!
-6 My Little Pony Plush - all done!
-2 Garchomp plush - none done
-maybe a few other show accurate plush

I can pump about 10+ plush in one weekend so I have been working very hard, in which I completed 13 derpy eeveelutions/eevee in just 2 days. I almost died but it was worth it to get it all done and taken care of. I still have cosplay to finish up too ahhh!XD

I also have been more active in well...being active! I walk my dogs every day now, make sure to do my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred videos 6 days a week (although, it has been put on hold while I try to plug through the rest of these plush :( ) and go to pole tricks once a week. This weekend is a workshop on aerial inverting and hand stands which I cannot wait for, but I also am a bit nervous, this lady is tough!XD she is cofounder of the world pole federation and championships and teaches out of new york city, so we are very lucky! This will be my second time having a workshop with her, needless to say I will be very sore! I have managed to lose 7 pounds in the process :')

And now some pics! I took some artsy pole fitness pictures in my basement with my new backdrop and was super excited about it. I love the edgy and raw look they have vs the pinup styles I usually see. I am looking forward to trying new poses (with someone else to click the shutter of course XD)


These are my 3 favorites, though I am hoping to be in a bit better shape to pop a brass monkey and actually make it look flatteringXD That is all for now I suppose, busy busy busy!!!

Pony Pony Pony and I get to buy a Wii U!

May. 28th, 2013 | 03:20 pm
location: Work ._.
mood: excited excited
music: M-Flo- Missin You

Holy cow have I been busy the past few weeks. I have been sewing away making as much stock plush as I can for the fall, and that includes MANY onigiri, lots of derpy mon and of course, ponies. I managed to get 5 out of the mane 6 completed. I am waiting on a lighter orange fabric to come in the mail for applejack, I am not a fan of the bright neon orangey color for her like I did in the past. I am also going to make a big princess Celestia to go with them :) *dies inside* I am very please with my progress over the past few weeks!


I reversed some of these so they all would be looking the same wayXD They are not sewn backwards I promise haha

Today also, omg. I am going to purchase a Wii U today! I have been saving for months to get a Wii U, taking 20 dollars from every packcheck every 2 weeks and putting it into my piggie bank to stock pile. The same went for any loose change I had. It took a long, long time, and finally a last minute commission I received helped bring me to my goal ;3; I was determined to not use my paycheck at all for this thing and now I can finally buy it, just in time for the E3 announcement and games! I am getting the 32 gig one in BLACK. I feel so happy to buy something I really want, and knowing I am able to pay for it without feeling a shred of guilt or harming my "get back to Texas" savings plan. I think I will buy Epic Mickey 2 while I am there. I loved the first game and can't wait to play through this new one! On top of my other games in glorious HD graphics ffffftttt ;w;

yay Updates, life, etc :)

May. 2nd, 2013 | 01:44 pm
location: Work =.=
mood: tired tired
music: Local Radio

Thanks for the advice on my last post! Everything finally got worked out <3

Not a whole lot has happened since my last post, except finally finishing up commissions *freedom!* I have been beginning to work on convention and Etsy stock, though slowly because of my work schedule. I have stocked up on fabric for my fluffigiri (onigiri) plush line and am going to trademark them very soon :) I am in the process of having ordered custom hang tags for them as well, I am very excited about this project, and I hope it can potentially branch out further! I am also going to be working on Derpy Pokemon for stock. My current Derpy project is to make TEN DERPY GYARADOS! Holy crap best plush pile photo ever, so many big smiling faces haha. I was a bit hurt when I posted the news though on my Facebook page, because someone auto assumed it was for a giveaway, and got all whiney like when I said it wasn't. Good grief I don't JUST make plush to give away to strangers :( I would hope people don't watch me just for that T^T I also had to deal with someone trolling my messages on FB recently, leaving some pretty graphic and harsh words for me just for the sake of doing it. I don't let that kind of stuff bother me, because it sounded so ridiculous first off, and I have a thick enough skin to laugh it off. Unfortunately, some people might not and can't deal with it like I could :( It makes me mad for that reason that people purposely go out of their way just to try and harm someone or their feelings. I finally figure out how to block and report them though.

Youmacon STILL has not posted their table registration and it is getting on my last nerve. They keep saying March...April...now it's May and they keep saying "thank you for your patience ^^" I wanna punch that little smiley at the end lol. Someone isn't working fast enough imo, and it gets on my nerves especially to see them update their FB page with stupid pictures rather than tell us at least SOME kind of news with the artist alley tables. If I don't get a table I will not be going, as I have no time to waste money to just wander around and get photos taken. *headdesk* We'll see, soon I hope.

I am officially halfway to my first moving goal money wise! :D I set aside money for my future move to texas NEXT YEAR AHHH! I can't even believe I am finally able to give myself a date for that, I have been waiting for almost 6 years to do this T^T Words cant say how excited I am to start my masters program, and to be in familiar territory and see my friends. I miss it there so much holy cow T_T Lots of great things are happening for me, and it has been a long process but I feel really good about where I am at and how much I have saved, PLUS I AM ALMOST CREDIT CARD DEBT FREE FFFFTTTYSuhjsefzsnijk <3 <3 <3


Apr. 13th, 2013 | 03:28 pm

I just got back from seeing Jurassic Park. I was 8 years old (I think) when that movie first came out and we went to see it. I was OBSESSED with dinosaurs and for the longest time I was hellbent on being a paleontologist. I think in another life I could be lol. The sciencey stuff scared me away though. Unfortunately halfway through the movie the 3d started to give me a headache o.< I wish they could re-release movies like this without the 3d gimmick. Otherwise, it felt like I was watching the movie again for the first time. I got chills and actually was very emotional when the epic dinosaur scenes came on for the first time. I wish movies like this were still made ;~; <3

Yesterday I officially started making plush for fun again, and ahhhhh I missed it so much. My next project is going to be making cute onigiri pillows c: I am excited to make these and have a lot set aside! My first project though was to make a plush for pannsie for her birthday. I love gifting plush the most and it gives me great joy and satisfaction :) I made her a huntail pokedoll, as she collects him along with Venusaur and Dunsparce! Soooo many circles Embroidering hahaha, my machine got a workout that night XDD But I was very pleased with how he turned out! I want to make even more pokedolls now :')


Almost Commission Free yayyyy :'D

Apr. 9th, 2013 | 10:41 pm
location: bedroom
mood: relieved relieved
music: Thunderstorm outside c:

In regards to my last post, I used my evening to finally finish up this plush commission! I just have a derpy quilava to finish up (he'll take like...an hour and a half at most XD) and then I will be free! ;w; Just in time for the weekend so I can RELAX<33 I then can start on my stock :D Here is a photo of the finished product! I had to use my phone and some crummy lighting, but I will be taking better pics tomorrow when the sun is out c:


I am so pleased with the results on her <3 Sooo much embroidery on this little one haha, she stands exactly pokedoll size at 6 inches tall!

And now I rest <3 Goodnight everyone!

Plush News :)+ yay dvd's!

Apr. 5th, 2013 | 03:01 pm

After thinking for a while and talking to my dad, I have decided that instead of opening commissions again after I finish these last 2 plush, I am going to just go ahead and start making some inventory. I haven't had much motivation lately because I miss being able to make what I want :( Fortunately I am in a position where I do not have to rely on sewing as my main source of income, so I think it's about time to take some me time c: I have lots of fun original ideas and can't wait to start working on them! Some of these include food plush, animals, objects, etc! I also want to work on some american cartoon fan plush c: Rocko's Modern Life and the Angry Beavers are just some examples, as well as a big project, the Gromble from Ahh! Real monsters! I am starting to feel excited about plush again after really analyzing it XD Speaking of Rocko....omg. Look what I bought at Walmart today! ;A; So many awesome memories from this show!


I am going to try and make his dog spunky or maybe Filburt XD he was my favorite haha. More ponies are coming too :) I plan to make a Pinkie Pie for my good friend Jen! Yay spring has put me into a really good and optimistic mood! <3

Dinner woes.

Mar. 31st, 2013 | 03:01 pm

So I was at my “birthday” celebration dinner last night with my sister and her friends. I was having an enjoyable time and aside from getting sick this morning (not drunk sick lol, but too much rich food and 2 rich drinks effed me up), I did have one thing that really upset me happen with a guy that was there. He is a mutual friend of my sister and her boyfriends, but I think after that those sentimants much change. As I was sitting at the table looking at my phone, he leans across the table and he says to me “Aimee, would you be offended if I said you are looking extra Busty tonight?” Seriously…I was so flabbergasted and embarrassed I didnt know what to say. That tells me he spent the night staring at my chest and contemplating my breast size. I did my usually nervous laugh it off because I just didn’t know how to react. Well then as were leaving everyone gives their goodbye hugs, and it didnt end there. He says to me
RATHER QUICKLY I might add “I just wanted to feel how much padding was in there”

Seriously, no words. I have never felt so offended in my life. What the hell is wrong with people in thinking they can talk to women however they want. I felt very uncomfortable the rest of the evening, worried that maybe my bra was too padded (I have almost nothing, so I wear a padded bra sometimes) or people were just staring at my chest the whole night. Ughhh my god I wish I had punched him in the nose or kicked him in the dick DX;;;

Rant coming, watch out.

Mar. 27th, 2013 | 05:26 pm
mood: angry angry

I am sorry, but I have to get this out there.

I have been feeling tremendously uncomfortable for the past few days with all this gay marriage stuff on the internet, specifically facebook and tumblr. 90% of my news feed and friends have changed their profile pictures to the equal sign, and the same thing goes for spamming gay rights and such on both there and tumblr.

I have to say, I am getting pretty damn tired of it. I am feeling incredibly offended at people calling people who believe in the bible, believe in god haters, bigots, false christians, etc for not liking the whole thing. I myself am not a fan of it, I do not believe people are being "persecuted" in any way shape or form. Gay people can be with who they want, go where they want, eat what they want, shop where they want, go to the bathroom where they want. This is not the same thing as an african american discriminatory movement. I have plenty of friends who are gay and i love them very much, I do not have to agree with the lifestyle though. And, as a person with this opinion, I am finding it very difficult to be able to stand by MY OWN PERSONAL beliefs and opinions without being labeled as an evil, hateful, and unfair ungreatful person. I am tired of this, I am tired of all the soap boxes people are standing on and shoving their opinions in my face. Its on the news, on social media, EVERYWHERE. At the top I said I was sorry, but no, I am not sorry. I am not sorry for having my opinions and beliefs. If I believe what God says in the bible, than that is my right and I should not have to try and explain myself or have people insult me in return.

Not so productive weekend again :(

Mar. 25th, 2013 | 09:54 am

Unfortunately I did not get much sewing done this weekend again as I had planned. My little dog has been sick and not holding down her food, and now we are having electrical problems with the house. I tried to figure it out yesterday and Saturday (the garbage disposal plush outlet is not working, and now the kitchen island plugs aren't either) with no such luck. I am just glad the disposal isn't broken and I can still use it via obnoxiously long extension cord =_=; Next weekend is my Birthday party with my sissy and friends too, so I will be kind of MIA and have to work on my sewing that Friday night in order to get anything done :( My actual Bday is right smack in the middle of the week, so we have to make it a weekend thing lol. I'm starting to feel pressured too because i've been having people note me asking what the progress is on their commissions, and it just makes me feel stressed out like I am not working fast enough >_<; Unfortunately, plushing is not my full time job and I do work 40 hours a week at a normal job, and my only times I can sit down and sew is on the weekends. Sometimes things can come up though that are unexpected and result in me not being able to work or having the time severely limited T^T I am tryin though, I promise, I work hard to try and get the plush out in a reasonable time frame, but rushing them makes them not turn out good at all :( On another note though, I figured out the plush I want to make based on the seasons, and the last poll I had on my deviantart. I will be making the original color design of Bellossom, with the navy color rather than light green, as I think it makes her match much better with the oddish line and is prettier to look at :) Spring is here but unfortunately it does not feel or look like it outside lol. I will be so much happier when warm weather is here to stay!

Photo Experimentations!

Mar. 20th, 2013 | 10:04 pm
mood: tired/sore/etc!XD

I love taking pictures, and I love taking artsy pictures and photoshoots! Our pole studio offers photoshoots, but they are expensive, and sometimes it is hard to know what kind of photos you will get D; For Christmas my dad got me a tripod and the year before I got a new camera! So, tonight I hung a (very wrinkled, lol) drape, and decided to experiment! I think these turned out okay, but with much better lighting and a smooth backdrop I think they will turn out perfect! It doesn't help that my timer is only ten seconds long D; so I have to pretty much hurl myself into the tricks, which doesn't really make for good photos. Here is a bit of a preview though, as I was very excited to how they turned out!

 photo combination_zps7be9868b.jpg